About-KDunnion-Photog.TanjaTizianaKristyn Dunnion is a Canadian writer who grew up in Essex County, the southern-most tip of Canada, and now lives in Toronto. She earned a B.A. from McGill University and an M.A. from the University of Guelph. She has published six fiction books, to date. Dunnion is a deft prose stylist who brings visceral street-punk and speculative worlds to the page with eloquence and heart. Her fiction appears in Best Canadian Stories 2020, Orca: A Literary Journal, Foglifter, Toronto 2033, and many other fine publications.

Kristyn also supports homeless or marginally housed adults with serious mental illness, and has been a healthy food advocate in Davenport-Perth, where she resides. An engaging public speaker, she facilitates innovative workshops for emerging and established artists, especially for diverse at-risk and queer youth. A queer punk performance artist, Dunnion played bass in Heavy Filth (2008-2011) and Bone Donor (2014-2017).

‘Dunnion is a master of reality gore’ – EDGE Palm Springs

‘Pushing the YA envelope about as far as it can go without being an actual mail bomb’ – Montreal Mirror, on Big Big Sky

‘This novel by Toronto’s Kristyn Dunnion is gritty, sexy and brutal’ – MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, on The Dirt Chronicles

‘Dunnion cooks up a dozen sad, pretty, lonely stories and shoots them into whatever unused vein she can find on her audience’ – THIS Magazine, on The Dirt Chronicles

Dunnion assembles a memorable cast of dykes, she-males and wannabe rock stars’ – HERIZON, on MOSH PIT

‘The teen underworld Dunnion so convincingly creates may traumatize some adult readers, as S.E. Hinton did a generation ago’ –  Quill and Quire, on MOSH PIT