Kristyn Dunnion by Liz MarshallKristyn Dunnion is a Canadian author of long and short fiction. She is the 2015 Machigonne Fiction Prize winner and a Pushcart Prize nominee. The Dirt Chronicles is a 2012 Lambda Literary Award Finalist.  Dunnion is a deft prose stylist who brings visceral street-punk and speculative worlds to the page with eloquence and heart.

Born and raised in Essex County, Ontario, Dunnion now lives in Toronto.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts at McGill University and a Master of Arts at the University of Guelph.  Dunnion is an engaging public speaker and experienced arts educator who facilitates innovative writing workshops. She has been a mentor and guest editor with the Toronto Public Library’s Young Voices anthology project since 2011.

‘Dunnion is a master of reality gore’ – EDGE Palm Springs

‘Pushing the YA envelope about as far as it can go without being an actual mail bomb’ – Montreal Mirror, on Big Big Sky

‘This novel by Toronto’s Kristyn Dunnion is gritty, sexy and brutal’ – MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, on The Dirt Chronicles

‘Dunnion cooks up a dozen sad, pretty, lonely stories and shoots them into whatever unused vein she can find on her audience’ – THIS Magazine, on The Dirt Chronicles

Dunnion assembles a memorable cast of dykes, she-males and wannabe rock stars’ – HERIZON, on MOSH PIT

‘The teen underworld Dunnion so convincingly creates may traumatize some adult readers, as S.E. Hinton did a generation ago’ –  Quill and Quire, on MOSH PIT