Cosmonauts Avenue
February 2017 online issue
“Flat Ass Saturday Night” by Kristyn Dunnion

The New Guard V
Editor: Shanna McNair
VOLUME V • Pages 68-76
“Last Call at the Dogwater Inn,” by Kristyn Dunnion
Pages 68-76
2015 Machigonne Fiction Prize winner, Pushcart Prize nominee.

Our Machigonne Fiction Judge, Adam Braver, was struck by Kristyn Dunnion’s voice in her story “Last Call at the Dogwater Inn,” and chose it as the winner. Dunnion’s attention to character and her use of […]

The Tahoma Review
Editor Joe Ponepinto
Issue 9 • Pages 80-91
“Now Is The Time To Light Fires,” by Kristyn Dunnion
Pages 80-91

Kristyn Dunnion’s “Now is the Time to Light Fires,” expands on what we know about love, in all of its literal and figurative incarnations. The Tahoma Review – Issue 9

Grain Magazine: Home-Myths
Editor Rilla Friesen
Volume 41.1, Fall 2013 • Pages 15-23.
“Fits Ritual” by Kristyn Dunnion
Pages 15-23.

Where did you grow up? It’s almost a joke of a question to those of us who move from city to city, country to country. “Home-Myths” pries the roof off your childhood home and takes […]

Fist of the Spiderwoman
ISBN: 9781551522517
Edited by Amber Dawn, Arsenal Pulp Press

Kristyn Dunnion’s “Homeland” is almost an homage to Hitchcock, as a homicidal lesbian hustler gets the tables turned on her in spectacular fashion by her would-be victim.  ―Philadelphia Gay News Traditional horror has often portrayed […]

the horrors: terrifying tales (book one)
Ed. Peter Carver, Red Deer Press
ISBN: 0–88995–313–9 paper
Fiction / Teen Fiction • Fiction / Horror / Horror Anthologies Ages 13+ • 184 pages • CDN 12.95 • USA 9.95

“The Horrors runs the gamut from Stephen King–like gore . . . to gentle ghost tales.” 
– Quill & Quire This chilling collection brings together fifteen spine tingling tales written by some of Canada’s leading […]

Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws
ISBN: 1-894692-07-1 * CDN 22.95
Ed. Zoe Whittall, McGilligan Press
Fiction 328 pages

Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws celebrates the eccentric in short fiction by an eclectic mix of provocative, humorous and outlaw writers. Featuring work by Camilla Gibb, Lynn Crosbie, R.M. Vaughn, Kristyn Dunnion, Jim Munroe, Mariko Tamaki, Sky Gilbert, Michelle Tea and others. […]

periphery: lesbian erotic futures
Ed. Lynne Jamneck, Lethe Press
ISBN: 978-1-59021-101-4
216 pages • 15.00 USD

Editor Lynne Jamneck has collected thirteen erotic science fiction stories from noted writers of speculative fiction. The nature of attraction, of lesbian desire, and what makes us human, awaits readers eager to explore the future. […]

with a rough tongue:  femmes write porn
Ed. Amber Dawn and Trish Kelly, Arsenal Pulp Press
ISBN: 1-55152-193-8
196 pages
• CDN: 21.95 • US: 16.95

A rebellious anthology of stories about sex and the modern femme: no-holdsbarred queer sex tales that reinvent lesbian erotica in ways that are transgressive and empowering. Starting off where other lesbian erotic anthologies end, these […]