Grain Magazine: Home-Myths
Editor Rilla Friesen
Volume 41.1, Fall 2013 • Pages 15-23.
“Fits Ritual” by Kristyn Dunnion
Pages 15-23.

Where did you grow up? It’s almost a joke of a question to those of us who move from city to city, country to country. “Home-Myths” pries the roof off your childhood home and takes a look at what’s inside. From drifters to homemakers, our characters struggle to reimagine and recreate whatever that feeling is that makes a building more than a place where you keep yourself, a romance more than a relationship in which you share yourself—to recapture those childhood myths of home. Art by Eliza Griffiths; new fiction by Kristyn Dunnion and Leona Theis; new poetry by Mark Lavorato.

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