Thank you, ReLit Awards, for honouring STOOP CITY in the category of short fiction, 2021. I’m utterly entranced by the prize … the coveted ReLit ring designed by Christopher Kearney of Newfoundland. Each of the four moveable dials are struck with the entire alphabet, so I will be spelling out A LOT of four-letter words, henceforth.

Dear Reader, if you haven’t picked up a copy of my feral toddler, Stoop City, please do! Winter is coming and these funny, heartbreaking and rebellious stories need in from the cold. Find them at or order from your local independent bookstore, or directly from the publisher



Kristyn Dunnion is an author, arts mentor and mystic. A self-anointed Can Lit Doula, she births your stuck manuscript to its astounding next draft with skill and compassion.