Christa Couture talks STOOP CITY on CBC’s The Next Chapter

Big juicy thanks to award-winning author, broadcaster and performing & recording artist, Christa Couture, for featuring STOOP CITY on the CBC’s The Next Chapter (November 27, 2021). Hear what Christa loves about Stoop City in this scrumptious sound bite:

Credit: Tanja Tiziana

Xtra Magazine: Toronto at its Most Glitteringly Sad

XTRA* Magazine / Casey Plett • Posted: September 21, 2020

Kristyn Dunnion’s new story collection “Stoop City” blooms with characters down on their luck.

Smoothing linens with military precision is an unsung tradition in the janitorial arts. A properly made bed can console the itinerant, the broken-hearted, the homeless. Staging properties, she has learned over the years, is mostly about subtraction, about deleting personal history, something she takes very seriously. She continues to take things away with total exactitude, one after the other, until a purity in openness emerges, a balancing of light and air and material objects set in space; the lie of neutrality. This is the soothing of wounds, when complete; the calming of sorrows. Progress and satisfaction, here on earth.