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March 27, 2020

Tarry This Night by Kristyn Dunnion

Kristyn Dunnion’s book Tarry This Night is a dystopian novel in which a new civil war has broken out in the U.S. (Liz Marshall/Arsenal Pulp Press)

As civil war brews above ground in the U.S., a dangerous cult led by a man named Father Ernst lurks below. Tarry This Night follows the trials of Ruth who spends her life trapped in an underground bunker with a group known as the Family and facing the terrifying possibility of becoming Father Ernst’s next wife. Themes of misogyny, religious extremism and fear radiate throughout this novel.


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Kristyn Dunnion is an author, arts mentor and mystic. A self-anointed Can Lit Doula, she births your stuck manuscript to its astounding next draft with skill and compassion.