If you are 12-19 years old, you are cordially invited to a FREE creative writing workshop on Wednesday August 15 from 2-4 pm at the Toronto Reference Library (yonge + north of bloor), in the Beeton Auditorium. Bring a pencil and a friend!
I will lead you through all the steps in the creative process, from brainstorming to final revisions, keeping the focus on fresh, original, urgent writing. This workshop will jumpstart your own writing practice and get you motivated to work!

To register in advance, email ksparling@torontopubliclibrary.ca or phone 416-397-5970

Or just show up – I will be happy to see you.
xo miss k


Kristyn Dunnion is an author, arts mentor and mystic. A self-anointed Can Lit Doula, she births your stuck manuscript to its astounding next draft with skill and compassion.